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STRIVE is a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It aims at improving the knowledge base for the design of sustainable bioeconomy policies and regulatory frameworks at national and international level.

The project focuses on the sustainability implications of transnational biomass trade, technological innovation, and innovation transfer in selected bioeconomy sectors with an emphasis on major biomass and knowledge producing countries and regions. Impacts of bio-based transformations will be evaluated against relevant sustainability dimensions, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on poverty eradication (1), food security (2), reduced inequality (10), responsible consumption (12), climate action (13), and terrestrial ecosystems (15).

We have adopted an interdisciplinary research approach integrating economics with natural and political science and rely on methods such as, economic modelling, statistical and econometric analysis, life-cycle assessment, technology & innovation management, and qualitative as well as quantitative case studies.

Latest News

Article about carbon footprint of Brazil’s soy exports published in ZEFnews

September 14, 2020. The latest issue of ZEFNews #41 features a piece of the recent STRIVE publication quantifying the carbon footprint of Brazil’s soy exports under a spatially-explicit Life Cycle Assessment approach (read page 9) https://www.zef.de/fileadmin/user_upload/ZEFnews_No_41_Webversion.pdf

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Press releases about recently published study in Brazil

July 16, 2020. The study “Spatially-explicit footprints of agricultural commodities: Mapping carbon emissions embodied in Brazil’s soy exports”, which was published in “Global Environmental Change”, highlights how demand for Brazilian soy by Europe and China is stoking deforestation, thereby increasing

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Latest publications


Escobar, N. 2020. Global impacts from trade in agricultural commodities. Estimating carbon footprints of Brazilian soy exports. ZEFnews no. 41, Center for Development Research (ZEF), 9.
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Escobar, N. and Laibach, N. 2020. Sustainability check for bio-based technologies: A review of process-based and life cycle approaches. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. Volume 135, January 2021, 110213.
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Rajão, R., Soares-Filho, B., Nunes, F., Börner, J., Machado, L., Assis, D., Oliveira, A., Pinto, L., Ribeiro, V., Rausch, L., Gibbs, H., Figueira, D. 2020. The rotten apples of Brazil's agribusiness. Science 369 (6501), pp. 246-248
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Nong, D., Escobar, N., Britz, W. and J. Börner. 2020. Long-term impacts of bio-based innovation in the chemical sector: a dynamic global perspective. Journal of Cleaner Production.
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