Trade and technology modelling for footprint analysis

Component 2 adopts an ex-ante perspective to address global and regional impacts of bio-based transformation processes in the Bioeconomy due to:

  • knowledge and innovation transfers
  • international biomass trade
  • policy measures in selected developed and developing countries


  • To identify Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in the Bioeconomy
  • To characterize global bio-based supply chains with regional and sub-national detail
  • To evaluate the economic, social and environmental performance of Bioeconomy based on trade and technological innovation scenarios
  • To propose a methodological framework for the sustainability assessment of Bioeconomy from a supply chain perspective


  • Analysis of Bioeconomy policy contexts in focus regions
  • Preparation of expert surveys for KET identification and assessment
  • Development of multi-disciplinary linkages for the sustainability assessment of emerging value chains and technologies


  • Delphi study
  • Environmentally extended Multi-Regional-Input-Output (MRIO) Analysis
  • Introduction of KET in MRIO database
  • Economy-wide impact analysis of expansion in Bioeconomy sectors


Dr. Neus Escobar