Designing governance frameworks for the Bioeconomy

Component 3 employs a multi-level perspective on researching the governance of bio-based societal transformative processes. It asks: which type of policies and legislations anticipated to regulate and foster Bioeconomy-related socio-economic processes have been employed by which type of country? What are the major actors and which role do technological and other innovations play in these processes within specific country contexts? What are the outcomes?


  • Gain understanding of current Bioeconomy strategies and related governance approaches as well as identifying potential governance gaps in three national-level case studies
  • Developing a typology of Bioeconomy strategies regarding policies and governance approaches
  • Incrementally develop design elements for a theory-informed and evidence-based governance framework for regulating Bioeconomy related transformative processes along supply chains


  • Development of research proposal while deepening knowledge about the cases
  • Gain understanding of governing towards sustainable transitions and societal transformations
  • Scientific publication of a theory-informed conceptual approach towards governing bio-based transformative processes towards sustainability


  • Analyse Bioeconomy related governance frameworks in three case studies taking into account international agreements and governance arrangements
  • Field research in South Africa, Argentina and Vietnam


Jan Janosch Förster